Off The Wall

On February 28th 2018, the FASH 115: Intro to Fashion class got a chance to see behind the scenes of  the new Vans headquarters in Costa Mesa. Rian Pozzebon, Vans’ Global Director of Design showed us what makes Vans so special.

Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro
Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro

Our first stop was at the Vans copper installation that has a gold bell on it. Rian told us they use this bell to let the office know of new goals they have reached and to deliver important news. Then he took us to what they call their warehouse. Inside there was a cool ramp that their employees and athletes can ride in their free time.

Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro

The three-story building looks like a cool, modern gallery full of wall paintings and archive skateboards as décor. The first floor consists of showrooms and rooms for meetings, their gym, and also the courtyard, perfect for the staff to have lunch and enjoy the Southern California sunshine. Vans has great company culture.

Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro
Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro

According to Rian, the second floor is where everything happens. Each department has a designated area of the floors where they can work in their offices or the on the many tables spread around the floor. He also mentioned that since he came to the company, 15 years ago, they have restructured and focused mainly on their true target market, which are the skaters and skate shops. Their culture has evolved along with the brand, making the environment extremely easy going and creative to work in.

Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro

Vans is so true to its identity, that when they collaborate with other brands on capsule collections, they make sure they keep their sense of humor and non-conformism. Because the company is not worried about spikes in their sales, they can truly explore a collaboration the way they want to and see makes more sense for their final customer. After their huge success with the Disney collab, they chose Nintendo, and Nickelodeon’s Sponge Bob Square Pants next, which were all extremely successful, reaffirming why they are still so strong after 50 years.

Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro

On the third floor, we saw the preparation for the Last Vans Warped Tour press event the after 24 years on the road.

Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro
Steve Van Doren and Rian Pozzebon. Photo Credit: Ellen Nunes Ribeiro

On the last part of the tour, back to the second floor, we got the chance to see their merchandising mix, a really cool 3D printed Vans shoe, and no-other than Steve Van Doren, son of Paul Van Doren, the founder of Vans. He was extremely gracious and gave everyone invaluable advice. For him, it’s all about “passing the passion” and creating something that you believe in.

The students left inspired by and excited about the possibilities of working and interning for this iconic Southern California brand. #OCCxVANS

– Ellen Nunes Ribeiro




Reforming the Fashion Industry

Photo Credit: Macie Day

A Focus on Sustainability

Fashion Club started the Spring 2018 semester off strong by letting their members know that they care about the environment. With that message, they took their members on a field trip to visit Reformation and their factory. Reformation is a Southern California fashion disruptor leading the sustainable movement right in our very own backyard. Fashion Club met Elizabeth the Director of Operations at Reformation’s Factory. Elizabeth throughout the tour told the club that Reformation does everything in its power to waste as little resources as possible from laying out patterns to using the least amount of fabric, to creating their own denim that uses 80% less water. Elizabeth explained how Reformation calculates their sustainability compared to similar brands by using what they call the REF Scale, this calculates everything from energy saving, to water use, and how using deadstock fabric helps. Reformation is intentional about every detail of their business from product to operations.  Reformation puts thought into the smallest details, you can count on the pens used it being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

All-in-One Factory

Reformation prides itself on their factory for many reason: first being that they have a safe, friendly working environment and because 70% of product is made right there by their employees rather than outsourced from another country. While on the factory tour Elizabeth took us to every work area and told us what goes on in each, onsite they have Product Development and samples, Raw Materials receiving, Cutting, Sewing, and Finishing. The reason Reformation does everything in Los Angeles is because they care, and through quality and comparable prices that can be seen.  The fact that Reformation can be the change, all while paying their employees above minimum wage and producing 15-20 styles per week is just proof that they know what they are doing. This is a company worth being a part of!

Photo Credit: Macie Day
Photo Credit: Macie Day

Do Your Part: Earth Week

Fashion Club is getting involved this April in bringing awareness to students on the OCC campus about sustainability and recycling in fashion and the impact on our environment. Here are two ways you can get involved to make a difference.

Clothing swap


– Macie Day

Be A/Part of Something!

Photo Credit: Cianna Calandrino

As a student when someone asks you about your future career goals how does it make you feel? Do you know how to set goals that will lead to your next step? Are you in need of some mid-semester inspiration? Are you graduating and want to connect to local industry? We know it’s a lot to think about, but don’t worry you are not alone! In just a few weeks A/Part Workshops is offering you a FREE place to be A/Part of something with other college students from all over Orange County. It’s a community, It’s an experience, and a place to connect with industry. It’s a Free Career Planning Workshop taking place Friday, April 6 from 8:00am-2:30pm.

Photo Credit: @apartworkshop

According to the event host, Derek Sabori, “there are speaker talks, workshops, breakfast and lunch, break out sessions, and a HR panel to give students some real insight into the best practices for resumes and interviews.” Some of the speakers have just been announced and include industry partners: Pacific City (retail development), Lazy Dog Cafe, Mess Hall Canteen, and even The Paul Frank (OCC Alumni).

OCC Fashion Instructor Derek Sabori and Team

This is an event you don’t want to miss. Sign up this week to make sure you get a spot as this event will soon sell out. To join the movement go to and sign up today.

Photo Credit: @apartworkshop


Photo Credit: Michelle Craner at the Westside Museum in Costa Mesa

OCC Fashion Presents…. The Box Pop Up Shop!

OCC Fashion is proud to announce the Grand Opening of, “The Box” Pop Up Shop coming this Monday, March 19, 2018 and running through May 17, 2018 for the Spring semester at the Orange Coast College campus. The Box is a place to shop, a place to meet, a place to learn.

The Box is located outside of the Literature and Language Building on the OCC campus.

The Box is a collaborative project with our local industry partners providing a professional retail showcase to support in class instruction. This project has been funded by a State Grant, ” Doing What Matters For Jobs in the Economy”.  The primary focus of this project is to connect students to our local industry in hopes of creating an opportunity to build better relationships that will lead to internships opportunities and jobs. Many fashion classes have participated in this student focused project including: Merchandising Concepts, Retail Buying, Visual Merchandising, and Media, Events, and Promotions.

The name and logo was developed by Nguyen Nguyen in the Fashion Merchandising Concepts class this past Fall 2017.

The Box will be open through Spring 2018 and will reopen Fall 2019 with a new group of brands. Hours are Monday-Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm. Spring 2018 brands include: Tavik, Publish, Sister LB, and Volcom.

Spring 2018 Brands to Shop!

Please join us for our Grand Opening Event this Monday, March 19th at noon. Highlights will include: the story of the box, meet the Tavik team, free gift with purchase, live band, free food and drinks, selfie station, and shopping accepting credit cards only. This is also an OCC 70th year anniversary celebration event. There is free parking in the Adams lot from 11:00am-3:00pm.

event tavick2-01 For more information and to stay up to date follow The Box on Instagram: @theboxocc.

– Michelle Craner

DVP 180: Stop and Stare

It’s ok to Stop and Stare…when you are looking at OCC Fashion window displays.

DVP 180: Introduction to Display and Visual Presentation is at it again. As you walk through the campus at Orange Coast College you will notice some buildings with inspiring window displays, chances are they were made by OCC students. OCC Fashion students in DVP 180 have been working on campus and off this semester. Every window was planned, prepared and executed as a team by students. Check out the Fashion Department Window themed, “Fashion Is”, encouraging individuality in fashion and personal style.

Image-1-1.pngPhoto: Nicole Saunders

This past month students had a chance to work with instructor, Steve Jones at Red Fox Good Clothes boutique in Corona Del Mar where they completed in store and exterior window displays using paper as their main tool.Image-1.pngPhoto: Nicole Saunders

6BD38DC4-5EF8-453F-A4EC-783583CFD817.JPGPhoto: Nguyen Nguyen

5CC9A5BE-D033-4C8A-BA60-72B9DCD53448.JPGPhoto: Nguyen Nguyen

Visit Red Fox “Good Clothes” at 3500 E Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, California 92625.

-Anett Navarrete

Student Spotlight: Fatemah Malallah

The Fall 2017 semester is half way through and it’s time to get to know who is in your classes. Many of our students are from our local community, some commute from other counties, and others have to get on a plane to attend the OCC Fashion program. OCC Fashion has many international students. We would like to introduce you to one.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.21.43 PMPhoto courtesy of Fatemah Malallah

Let’s start with something easy. What’s your name?

Fatemah Malallah

Where are you from?


What’s your major?

I’m taking the Industrial Sewing certificate of specialization & I have taken most of the Fashion Design program classes that are not included in this specific program, but I’m taking them to learn more about Fashion.

How did you get into fashion?

I decided to get into fashion to change my career as I have been working for 10 years in several fields including teaching, marketing, social media and branding. Then I realized that I have a huge passion for Fashion, I like embroidery and embellishing clothes and I have been doing that since I was 7. So I have decided to pursue a different career and turn my hobby into a job.

What inspires you today?

Everyone inspires me, specially my teachers in the fashion program and all the things they teach me.

How long have you been in the fashion program?

I started in May 2016

Why OCC?

It had a lot of positive reviews about its fashion program. It’s very flexible and offers multiple programs within the Fashion department. The location of OCC is ideal for me.

I have been doing my research to decide on which school to join I have read over the internet a large number of great reviews about the school. Even when I contacted the school to ask about the program I found out that they are very prompt in answering my questions and they are very active and know what they are doing.

What do you do outside of school? (Job, hobbies, etc.)

I like to read about fashion, and experiment with sewing since I just learned how to sew. I also love visiting and exploring museums in the area. I am inspired by art.

If you ever took Cheri’s FASH 177 class this next question shouldn’t surprise you. What do you typically eat for breakfast?

I eat bread with cherry tomatoes and cheese and I make coffee mixed with milk. This is my typical breakfast on school days. During weekends I make omelet or scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms.

What do you dream of doing in fashion?

I dream of teaching kids sewing

Any advice for anyone looking to get into fashion?

Make the most of it and enjoy it to the max. No other school has teachers that are as talented and working in the fashion industry. Get to know them all.

-Laurinda Coxson

Fashion 101: OCC Measures Up To It’s ‘Principles’

Photo: Jasmine Perez

As the semester eases in, Spring on the OCC campus means growth, both intellectually and skillfully. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, fashion majors take garment fabrication to the next level in Fashion 183: Fundamental Principles of Clothing Construction II. Silent with exception to the perceptible, low hum of bounding machine stitches, Room 201 accommodates a handful of advanced students meticulously at work, honing their craft.

Photo: Jasmine Perez

The class works on a myriad of patterns, clipping pieces that merge old and new skills, such as the finish of a neck and arm opening using a wide facing. The convoluted marks may appear foreign to most, yet these rising artisans read patterns like private eyes — owing their skills to the program’s knowledgable faculty. Perfecting these techniques one at a time is training them for a future career as fashion designers.

SM Submission
photo: Jasmine Perez

You can’t help but admire the wisdom and willpower that sets these students apart from the rest. They agree, hands-down, that time is the test. When asked about the emotions evoked while sewing, seasoned sewer Carmen imparted that “it is very intricate. It’s a struggle at first — you have to see the final picture in advance. But seeing all the pieces come together spurs that aha! moment.” OCC is shaping a new generation of craftsmen who get that same satisfaction when putting the pedal to the metal.

– Jasmine Perez