Common Projects Channelling Their Inner Adidas

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Luxury sneaker brand Common Projects just released their new line of Spring/Summer shoes. While the silhouette of their classic sneaker remains the same, it now comes in various solid colors, including soft, pastel hues, metallic colors, and off-white. It’s nice to have variety as a consumer, but it’s important to take creative integrity into consideration, especially for a sneaker brand as highly regarded as Common Projects.

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In March 2015, Adidas released their Supercolor collaboration with artist Pharell Williams, consisting of their classic Superstar shoe in 50 different colors. The pack provided “a color for every mood”, and was quite possibly the most solid colorways available for one shoe. Soon after the Supercolor collaboration, many brands including Vans and Nike followed in Adidas footsteps, releasing multiple solid colorways of their classic shoe silhouettes.

 It is understandable that shoe companies want to provide consumers with variety, although it doesn’t seem coincidental that they are all doing it within such a short time span of one another. What do you think of Common Project’s creative practices on their latest collection? Sophisticated and tasteful, or blatant knock-offs?

– Jaime Gamez


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