3 Smart Coachella Trends to Carry into Your Summer

Coachella is the festival that most influences fashion, especially for the West Coast. Since it happens before summer, those that can’t attend Coachella can take the trends and wear them all summer break. Some trends can be a little extreme and unattainable for a day-to-day lifestyle, but three trends make sense in and out of Coachella.

photo by: @chiaraferragni

The first one is the bandana. Wearing it cowboy style, as I like to call it, is very convenient for the desert. When it is windy and hot at the same time it can be a bad combination, and breathing that air isn’t good for our health. So with this bandana trend it actually protects you in a stylish way.

The second one is the snap back trend. We’ve seen many hat trends emerge
photo by:@zoeisabellakravitz

from Coachella and the most recent one is the snap back. Many people go all out on which one they choose, but ultimately its main purpose is to protect your face from the sun. The heat can get a bit intense and why not protect yourself from it in a trendy way.

The last one although not a shocker is a must whether you attend Coachella or not. It’s sunglasses, and no matter what shape or color, as long as it protects our eyes we should always wear them when we are outdoors. Sunglasses styles have evolved immensely and there are many to choose from so it’s up to you to choose which style you go with.
photo by: @revolve
All in all the “City of Eternal Sunshine” hosts the festival that everyone looks up to for the summer. No matter what trends you decide to take on this summer always remember to protect your skin and health first. These three Coachella trends are a great start, and actually make sense in the heat.
-Leslie Gonzalez

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