Unless you attend classes at OCC Fashion, you probably do not know much about the endless possibilities for style in the neighborhood- inspo at your fingertips. I’m talking about shopping at The Lab Anti-mall, Fashion Island, and of course, South Coast Plaza.


Just the other day, one of my courses took a fieldtrip to the world- renowned shopping center that is South Coast Plaza, to browse, shop, and pick apart window displays in preparation for an upcoming project. Tom Ford, J.Crew, Chanel, and Hermes located less than two miles from school? Game changer. With high fashion icons just down the street, how could you not find the perfect colors and accessories to make a statement with your midterm project?

As I walked from the Couture Wing to the Children’s Toy Wing of the mall, there was a sense of style everywhere. Decadent lights displayed purses, and colorful, bold themes marketed children’s toys. Walking through that beautiful collection of stores reminds me that fashion is everywhere around us. It makes me think of new ideas, and ways to twist and turn old trends. I definitely picked up a few tips and tricks for the window display I will be creating for my upcoming project. 

-Maddie Marks


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