Golden Years Vintage Market


A few weeks ago, I was in Down Town Santa Ana, CA at the 4th Street Market, a shopping and entertainment venue, that resembles a mini packing district. While there, I saw a small poster announcing ‘Golden Years Vintage Market’ on February 11, 2017 and made a plan to check it out. For some reason the vintage part didn’t click and assumed I was going to your standard swap meet, but I was surprised when I got there because it was much cooler than I imagined. At the event there were around 15 booths and they all had unique one of a kind items.  The atmosphere was so mellow and welcoming and all small booth owners were very friendly too.

shopgirls There was a variety of price points, which was great because it could fit in anyone’s budget with items starting at $10. Not only did I end up finding some unique pieces for myself, I also had the pleasure of meeting some awesome shop owners who were very inspiring. Featured in the image above, from left to right is Mumzy Vintage, West of the Barbary Fig and Christian Elizabeth Vintage. If you want to find some cute pieces follow them on Instagram, they all have killer unique styles.


I also feel in love with Elizabeth’s outfit, it was giving me sassy diva vibes and her fur coat was gorgeous! It really tied her look together. Wether you are into vintage items or not I definitely thing everyone should check out market whenever it is next in your area.

-Perla Garcilazo

-Photos: Perla Garcilazo


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