Style All Bundled Up

Photo: Summer Wright

Walking down the halls at OCC you will see many different trends, people sleeping, studying, A LOT of Starbucks… but, if you venture over to the halls of the OCC Fashion building you’ll see a different kind of trend. One that stands out right now is  the multitude of scarves. With the unusually cold and rainy weather we’ve been having in sunny Southern California, scarves seem to be the go-to cold weather staple accessory. 

Photo: Summer Wright

Long scarves worn draped down low, long scarves wrapped up tight around the neck, and  the classic infinity scarf are all popular styles seen on students in the fashion building. They are a great way to draw attention to your face and mix with all of your other cold weather layers, plus they tell help to tell a story of each person’s individual style. They dress up any outfit that may feel a little plain, and they may possibly be the coziest accessory around. So the next time you just aren’t sure what your outfit is missing turn to your scarf collection to find your answer!

– Summer Wright


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