Is Philz Coffee the new Starbucks?


“The best coffee is the coffee that comes to your own personal taste” – Phil Jaber, Owner


 I took the five-minute drive down to Pacific City in Huntington Beach, CA on  Sunday afternoon with my dad to finally show him what this outdoor shopping venue was all about. Since its opening last year, I feel like I’m stopping by this place once a week to pick something up at Sephora or to grab a delicious drink from Lemonade. It also doesn’t help that I work at Sandy’s across the street, so I feel like whenever my shift ends I can afford a quick stop into Sephora for a little beauty boost. In coming here so often I have noticed one thing that stands out, EVERYONE is holding a Philz Coffee cup. This brown cup can be spotted even from the second floor of the mall; it is just something that you can recognize from yards away. Every single person shopping in Pacific City was holding a little brown cup; you couldn’t even see a Starbucks cup in sight! It had me thinking, “Could Philz Coffee be the new Starbucks?” Even walking on downtown Main Street a few blocks away, you see more Philz Coffee cups then you do Starbucks.

photo: Nicolette Papile

Personally, I have never tried Philz but I have heard nothing but great things. All my coworkers love it, my friends on Instagram are constantly posting those trendy coffee photos with the ocean view in the back ground. My manager even said that there was so much caffeine in the coffee that she had the jitters from it…yikes. But, I guess that could be a good thing if you’re in need of a coffee buzz. From my days of drinking coffee every morning my first couple years of college, I feel like coffee doesn’t give me the energy it used to anymore. TNhe many times I impulsively walk into the Starbucks on campus, I usually have to get my drink with an extra couple shots of espresso to even wake myself up. So, maybe now I’ll have to give Philz Coffee a shot.

photo: Nicolette Papile

I went to their online site and I love what this company stands for. The owner, Phil Jaber, is all about this dream that he had for creating a really great cup of coffee that is personalized to each individual. He wanted the coffee-making process to be both personal and social, so he designed his coffee should be crafted one cup at a time. The company stands by five rules: customers always first, believing in being nice, keeping it real, delivering on quality, and making progress. They not only about the quality of their product, but their customers as well and making connections with them so that they have a returning friend. They call their menu a “full service-coffee bar,” where they take care of everything from grinding the beans to mixing in each customer preferred amount of cream and sugar. Philz lives buy a “green bean buying,” which means, they buy only the highest quality green beans and give generously to Food4Framers and World Coffee Research. Their menu items remind me of drinks you would find at a swanky-hip bar somewhere in LA. Some of their darker blends have names like “Jacob’s Wonderbar,” which as hints of dark chocolate, smoke, nuts; also, “Tantalizing Turkish,” which as hints of cardamom, herbs, tobacco. Each are both very different then your typical latte from Starbucks. They also have medium blends, lights blends, decaf, iced coffee, and teas. All their drinks are unique and have combinations that you would never think of putting into coffee.   

So, next time I’m at Pacific City I’ll have to stop into Philz to see what all the “buzz” is about!

– Nicolette Papile

Information about Philz Coffee can be found on their website:


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