Caught Up in Fishnets

Photo: Reme Immegart


The fishnet trend is in full force this season on the Orange Coast College campus. 

When hearing the word “fishnets” the first thing that comes to mind is tights, but that isn’t the only way people are wearing this trend around Orange County, CA. Fishnets are being seen worn under t-shirts and as a fun, rather than functional sock. They are a great layering pieces that adds a little extra something to any outfit. 

Photo: Reme Immegart

One example of how this trend is being worn is seen on Gretchen, an OCC fashion student. She is wearing light washed ripped jeans with her fishnets underneath. She is wearing a crop top, so the fishnets are more visible. The contrast between her light wash jeans and black fishnets really make the fishnets stand out. This trend gives off a lot of 90’s grunge feels, which in recent years seems to be a popular era to take inspiration from.


Fishnets are here, will you get caught up wearing this trend on campus?

– Reme Immegart


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