Building A Future Career with Retail Buying

photo by Lauren Becker

It isn’t just classrooms and lectures that get you through the journey to your degree with the OCC fashion department. The inspiring, wise and experienced team at OCC bring together a lot of off campus experiences to give aspiring fashion students a peek at real life career options. For the best classes, field trips are a big factor to the equation of success.

     One of the fast-paced, fun, real life learning experiences presented by OCC Fashion is playing the role of a buyer with Marketing 220: Retail Buying at South Coast Plaza. South Coast Plaza is a premiere shopping destination minutes away from campus in Costa Mesa, CA. Based on lessons learned in class, the field trip consists of adventuring to different stores and calculating inventory with retail buying formulas. With this real world experience you can pick up on key trends, aesthetics, and intuit upcoming styles. Marketing 220: Retail Buying allows students to complete a fashion degree with excellent time management and forecasting skills. One of the greatest lessons you can take from Retail Buying at OCC  is the key skills all buyers must have: What are the  trends coming for next year, how can I purchase them for this season, and can I sell them at the right time to take full advantage of the style. This field trip sets you up for fast-paced fashion career which collaborates with all areas of the fashion industry. 

– Melisa Akcam


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