Fashion 101: OCC Measures Up To It’s ‘Principles’

Photo: Jasmine Perez

As the semester eases in, Spring on the OCC campus means growth, both intellectually and skillfully. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, fashion majors take garment fabrication to the next level in Fashion 183: Fundamental Principles of Clothing Construction II. Silent with exception to the perceptible, low hum of bounding machine stitches, Room 201 accommodates a handful of advanced students meticulously at work, honing their craft.

Photo: Jasmine Perez

The class works on a myriad of patterns, clipping pieces that merge old and new skills, such as the finish of a neck and arm opening using a wide facing. The convoluted marks may appear foreign to most, yet these rising artisans read patterns like private eyes — owing their skills to the program’s knowledgable faculty. Perfecting these techniques one at a time is training them for a future career as fashion designers.

SM Submission
photo: Jasmine Perez

You can’t help but admire the wisdom and willpower that sets these students apart from the rest. They agree, hands-down, that time is the test. When asked about the emotions evoked while sewing, seasoned sewer Carmen imparted that “it is very intricate. It’s a struggle at first — you have to see the final picture in advance. But seeing all the pieces come together spurs that aha! moment.” OCC is shaping a new generation of craftsmen who get that same satisfaction when putting the pedal to the metal.

– Jasmine Perez


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