A Wicked Play!

photo: Holly Armour

The broadway show Wicked is in town at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center, which is located less than ten minutes from Orange Coast College. The play tells the untold story of what happened before the The Wizard of Oz, and why the two witches began their infamous feud. 

As a fashion major, the fascinating part about the show was the costuming. After taking History of Fashion at Orange Coast College, I enjoyed and appreciated the costumes in an entirely new light. I loved the show and suggest that anyone make the effort to go see the costumes yourself.

– Holly Armour


Designing with Paul Frank

The OCC Fashion course Design in Everyday Life, taught by plush toy designer Shane Geil, had the awesome opportunity to meet and start a character development project with the one and only Paul Frank, a former OCC student and great supporter of the OCC Fashion department.  Paul frequently creates his own prototypes of characters by wadding up newspaper into shapes and covering them in masking tape. This quick and inexpensive method brings life to the characters that he sketches.

The assignment was to create an animal head that will eventually be painted and mounted on a wooden board like an old style hunting trophy. Some of the animals chosen included a few elephants, a flamingo, a polar bear and even a koi fish. The class was buzzing with excitement and creativity as Paul walked around and gave advice and ideas.

To learn the creative process used by one of Orange County’s most successful designers was an amazing experience.  It was an encouraging reminder that designing what is in your heart can be manifested with such simple tools. As a student in the class I am excited to see how mine turns out! This was just one of the many once in a lifetime opportunities given to the creative students in the fashion program here at Orange Coast College.

– Megan Fisher

Rainbow Brights – new hair color hues

Hair colors are as vast as the rainbow itself. These days, you can dye your hair purple, green and everything in between but, it takes a true trend setter to sport the outlandish hair colors that stand out in mainstream society today. 

Walking around the OCC campus, you could peak your head into any room and see colors you only thought you would see in the art center. Some of our classroom decor may lack luster but our students have color covered. While unnatural hair colors may be taboo for those of us in a corporate work environments, it’s a relief to know you can join in the fun with something semi-permanent or even with the new trend of hair chalk. 

Personally last year, I attempted to get my own hair a bright vibrant purple, but with dark brown hair it wasn’t happening without major damage to my poor little strands. With spray color and rinse out hair chalk you can achieve any fun new daring hair color you choose without looking like your hair has turned to straw. This emerging trend doesn’t only come from the students walking out of the fashion department. I’ve seen numerous students in various classes rocking this chic look and working hard while doing it.

So, even if your employer frowns upon unnatural hair color, or your parents would simply freak out, you can always try something new and fun and still go back to the original you. Brighten up your hair, brighten up your day, as long as your hair doesn’t turn into hay!!

Images and post by Allison Brown

Baker X Volcom Collab Launch Party “A Match Made in the Gutter” Recap

Costa Mesa, CA. Volcom HQ held a launch party this month to celebrating the Baker/Volcom collab clothing line “A Match Made in the Gutter” that will be hitting stores March 2014. The designers at Volcom and Baker worked with mutual team rider Dustin Dollin to create a one of a kind, eye popping line that represents Volcom & Baker’s unique perspective on skateboarding and skate style. 

The Skate park was full of kids skating the ramps and rails with crowds of onlookers watching them shred. Everyone was fashionably dressed, in a mix of vintage and contemporary styles. Lots of facial hair and unique accessories were noted and typical of the socal skater style. There was a band set up above the skate park adding a cool vibe and great music to the party.  Industry professionals and smiling skate fans were all over and the party was a huge success. Be on the look out for the Volcom X Baker “A Match Made in the Gutter” collection soon. 

Post by Taylor Peterson

Boots and Jackets Have Arrived For Winter


 As our winter temperatures remain a bit confusing, with the sun out as much for decoration as it is for warm weather, combat boots and warm jackets have started to make a huge appearance on the  OCC campus. 

What stands out to me is that many of the ladies on campus are wearing black on black, always with combat or low rise boots. I absolutely love the pairing of maxi skirts with boots, as well as black skinny jeans and military looking boots with an infinity scarf on women.

The menswear is pretty laid back, with brands like Adidas and Vans  commonly seen on campus. Most guys are wearing  long sleeve shirts with a short sleeve over it, and plaid collared shirts seem to be on the rise.

One of my favorite looks comes from this awesome blonde in front of the library, wearing a heavy plaid maxi skirt, combat boots, and a vintage “Little Shop of Horrors” graphic tee tucked into her skirt. I love her originality and the fact she is still keeping herself warm while looking stylish. Check out the pictures and go through your closet, you could put t
ogether a whole new
outfit without spending a dime.

post & photos by Holley Baisley


The Art of Contrast

Photo by Reynaldo Elejorde

Black leather is everywhere, adding edge to our outfits.

The good thing about leather is that it is a classic and it is never truly out of date. When it comes to leather, you can use it as an accessory item or pair it up with much softer fabrics. You can see it on jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and leggings.  Leather is being presented in small details like sleeves, elbow patches, V-necks, cuffs, etc.

Here we have two students from Campus. Vincent and Ciera, both wearing the same leather pants but from different stores. Vincent is wearing a black polo shirt, black leather sweater, leather pants, leather boots and a black trench coat. For Ciera, shes wearing a black leather jacket, a white tee, leather pants, and leather boots.

You can tell that these two really nailed the “Leather” trend.
-Reynaldo Elejorde

beach riot.


ATTENTION FASHION STUDENTS:  Looking for a local company to connect with?

What: Beach Riot: A local swimwear company that is fresh and unique. Nicole Hanriot  the head designer started out as a designer for ,local company, Tavik and has now branched off and created her own line.  Just recently she did collaboration with Stone Cold Fox.  The summer collection is full of neon, color blocking, lace, floral, crosses, and a cactus print.2fc7d-beachriot22

“Beach Riot is a California beach babe swim brand… a mix between contemporary chic and surfer girl.” –Nicole Hanriot

 Where:1954 Placenta Ave, Unit 105, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Where to buy it?: You can find the line locally at Jack’s Surfboards, Diane’s Beachwear, and Huntington Surf and Sport

Check out their new collection at: http://beachriot.com/