Faculty Spotlight: Getting to Know Rebecca Waldron

140925 Bodomint-140
Photo Courtesy of bodomint.com

Rebecca is one of the newest members of OCC’s fashion department. She teaches Fashion 182: Professional Practices. Rebecca is actually a OCC alum and received her AA degree here before transferring to BYU Hawaii. She came back  to OCC later on to get her certificate in Fashion Design. When Rebecca was in the fashion program, she particularly loved Fashion 115: Intro to Careers in Fashion  and Fashion 135: Design in Everyday Life. Christina Amaral, another teacher in the OCC fashion department, was one teacher that stood out to her when in the program. She remembers Chris being a great mentor when she was in the intro class.

            Rebecca has had close ties with OCC since she went here of course, but her legacy extends beyond her own enrollment. OCC has been a part of Rebecca’s family history for quite some time, both her grandparents and parents also went to Orange Coast College! Rebecca’s grandparents (pictured below) actually met in a OCC speech class.

Grandparents Wedding
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Waldron

And her parents (pictured below) went to OCC ’65 prom together. 

OCC Prom 65
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Waldron

Besides teaching, Rebecca spends her time with her two crazy boys, going to Disneyland, and going to different parks around her neighborhood. She also started a business called Bodomint, where she sells diaper bags. Rebecca explained that the company started on Kickstarter, and was a fun and hard experience launching a brand. The idea for the company started when she was  living in Hawaii and couldn’t find a diaper bag that met her and her husband’s needs and style.

Some words of advice from Rebecca to OCC fashion students is to, “find a job you really love and don’t be afraid to work your way up. You might have to start at the bottom first.”

– Reme Immegart